♥ Safety Information ♥

Parents and caregivers: Please supervise young children at all times with items that can be dangerous, such as, metals, plastics, elastics, small pieces, buttons, sharp objects, glues, tools, scissors, needles, certain textiles, all textiles if improperly used, flammable items, balloons, plastic bags, noxious odors, inhalation of foreign particles while crafting, etc...anything at all can cause potential harm a child if used or applied improperly or accidentally, so please be observant when your items arrive if you have young children or anyone who can be harmed in any way from our items. If you or your child have odor allergies or contact allergies please be very careful when using our products. Be sure the items you purchase are safe and will not cause an adverse reaction to you or your child. First a word about our Tulle fabrics: Our materials are 100% Compliant with CPSIA Requirement for Lead Content. Below 100 PPM. It is also 100% nylon, which has undergone extensive testing by the U.S. Consumer Protection Safety Commission. You can feel secure knowing that the tulle we use is flame retardant (although not necessarily heat resistant, so please still use caution). 100% nylon tulle has been approved for use in clothing, costumes, and so on because it has already met acceptable standards. This is especially important for the safety of our children's tutus and tutu dresses. For more information on safety standards for children in the United States please visit: http://www.cpsc.gov. NOTE: Even if an item is non flammable please never ever take a chance and allow a child near any open flame for any reason, without or without a tutu made with our tulle. You can never be too safe. Also note: Our other textiles should also be used only to make garments or purses and never allow these textiles near open flames. These textiles are not flame retardant. Please never test textiles near an open flame or use glues and other flammable items that can cause great harm to you and your child. Now a word about our products: We care deeply about the safety of your little ones. We have two angels of our own. Most parents I would say know what is considered "unsafe" for their own child; however, it is our responsibility to inform you that we do have some pieces of jewelry, as well as dresses etc that are made with small parts or long pieces that can become a choking hazard if a child is not supervised. We generally attach our buttons and charms etc with thread but sometimes with hot glue. We want to make sure you understand that we cannot possibly know if a button or small piece will come undone once it gets home to you and on to your princess. Please be sure that if you purchase something from us that is made with a choke-y part(s) (i e long ribbons, thread, tulle, other fabrics, bands, buttons, posts, gems and any other small parts etc) that you monitor your little ones very carefully. We try not make too many items with small pieces but sometimes we add them to appeal to a different audience of customers. If there is one thing of which you can be absolutely sure, it is that I want every child on this Earth to be happy and safe and sound. Please check over every item you purchase from us and be sure that they are safe according to YOUR standards before allowing your child to wear them, use them or play with them. They are your little sweeties and you call the shots. Thank you for your consideration and understanding in this matter. We heart family. xox