♥ About Us ♥

   Hi everyone. A little something about MakersFolly...I'm a one woman business. I've always had a passion for being an entrepreneur and now that my sons are college bound my dream business makes more sense. I'm sure all the moms out there reading this would agree that nurturing their own business is amazing, but also, spoiling (smartly) their family sounds great, too. Thankfully, I'm blessed with outstanding children and the love of my life is my best friend. Can't really imagine my life anymore before my family.

   You know that saying, "If you do what you love everyday, then you never work a day in your life."? I'm paraphrasing, I think, but I understand that, now. I stay up 'til 3am or 4 am just doting over my small business, the same as I do during the day for my family.

   I went to college for marine biology and child psychology and ultimately fell in love with business. Strange how that works out. We have a fur baby named Chickee. She's a pom-poo and the most perfect human. Her empathy and loyalty both fascinate and humble me. You know what I mean, all of you fur baby mommies and daddies?

   Well, that's a little bit about me and my World. I thought it would be nice to introduce myself and for you to get to know a little bit about the lady behind the curtain...there's no curtain...just kawaii, glitter and sprinkles. Thank you for reading this...and thank you for considering your business with MakersFolly and the trust it requires. You're in good hands. You're in a mom's hands. xo


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